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The CropCam offers images on demand and is an inexpensive alternative to satellite or flying an airplane over a field. It can provide images for agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, surveys, mapping, land management drainage, environmental, and a multitude of other uses.
The CropCam is $7,000 USD, highly efficient and user friendly for the commercial market. It is a radio control (RC) glider plane equipped with a Pentax digital camera, controlled by an autopilot, along with pre-programmed ground control software. Available in electric, the CropCam will also work with a RC transmitter for manual control of the plane.
The CropCam utilizes an autopilot for navigation and control of the camera, for everything else it is RC parts (wings, servos, propellers, glow fuel or batteries) purchased locally. This makes the CropCam parts practical and accessible worldwide.
Based in Stony Mountain, Manitoba, for more information contact CropCam at (204) 344 5617 or by email at
Recent News

CropCam is for the birds!
May 2010
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McGill University uses CropCam for Wildlife research
Quebec Farmers' Advocate, February 2010
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Unmanned Systems Down on the Farm
Gaea honey Cutt, AUVSI, September 2008
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CropCam Featured in Episode 2 of BBC1 Series, "Britain from Above' at 2100
August 17 in UK

West Sussex Farmer Using Specially Adapted Army Spy Plan to Treat Land
BBC News, August 15, 2008
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QinetiQ achieves UK's First Unmanned Flight for Agricultural Crop Monitoring
Shephards, August 2008
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